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On-Site. On Your Timeline. Worth the Money.

ProValue, LLC, provides business consulting, human resource management and training programs to Agri-business clients. ProValue works to assist organizations by providing on-site, strategic and functional business expertise, resulting in measureable achievements. Our consultants travel to your location and provide customized services, while working to build strong relationships and trust with your management team and employees.


With offices in Hutchinson, Kansas and Enid, Oklahoma, ProValue focuses on providing services to the customers of our parent companies, KFSA and Triangle Cooperative Service Company. However, ProValue also works with many different types of clients including agri-businesses, community banks, county and city governments, and other local businesses. Please take a moment to find out how we can benefit your organization.





Kansas Training

KFSA Building, 1515 E.30th Hutchinson, KS

Session 1:  November 11–12, 2014                                                

Session 2:  December 9–10, 2014                                  

Session 3:  January 6–7, 2015                                                                          

Session 4:  February 10–11, 2015

Fee: $1,300 per participant (includes materials, facilitation & lunch)                                                                        

Oklahoma Training

Triangle Business Center, 302W. Maple Enid, OK

Session 1:  February 24–25, 2015

Session 2:  March 24–25, 2015

Session 3:  April 7–8, 2015

Session 4:  April 28–29, 2015

Fee: $1,250 per participant (includes materials & facilitation; lunch is not included)


Each two day session in the Peak Performance series is designed utilizing accountability projects to maximize the learning experience. This upper management development series was designed to help prepare management employees to not only be more efficient and organized, but to get the most out of the employees they supervise.

Session 1: The Power of Communication                                                      

This session will help you gain an understanding of the basics of communication and help managers learn strategies for building trust. Also covered in this session are effective methods for conflict resolution.

Session 2: Leadership Development and Practices     

Learn about the principles of leadership and the difference between controlling and empowering leadership styles. Participants will discuss the Five Leadership Roles and discover ways that empowering leaders unleash the commitment and motivation of their employees.

Session 3: Essentials of Human Resource Management

Discuss ways to avoid common pitfalls in Human Resource Management and secrets of making the hiring process easier and more efficient. Learn the importance of performance appraisals and how to effectively implement them.

Session 4: Empowerment for Lasting Change

Managers will gain the tools to empower their employees and communicate performance expectations. Identify areas that need focus and create an action plan to accomplish these goals.






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